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handbuilt clay platter with cattails and dragonflies in water.  mixed glazes used to handpaint the details

Handmade pottery and pottery classes by this  one woman operation, Barb Crosbie.  I am a dual degree water quality science major with a passion for clay.  When my life took me to Utah, then New York, back to Utah and finally Alabama, the clay stuck.  Along this journey I have worked, studied and taught classes in pottery.  As a potter and teacher I divide my time and work through new ideas systematically, I guess it is the scientist in me.  As a result I produce a small amount of pieces annually, and each one is unique.  My favorite place to spend time is outside, thus my inspiration is the natural world, and the materials, patterns and colors it produces.  

While I have spent a good deal of time with good old trial and error, I did get a great start and plenty of retraining!  Trained by awesome Canadian potters at DVSA, Clayscapes, the Red Kiln, and a significant amount of self discovery. 

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handbuilt puffer fish, hollow form with spines, fins and facial details added.  mixed recycled clay, clear glaze

Earth in Art is a true representation of my own self.  It incorporates my love of nature into a three dimensional form.  I love that the pieces I make are both pleasing to the eye and functional. Nothing pleases me more than creating a piece that is truly multipurpose  The pieces I create certainly are tied to my natural surroundings, from leaves to rocks or seashells.  Lately I have taken to collecting wood pieces while hiking to use as handles on platters. The texture and stamps that I make and use for the  pottery are constantly changing according to the places I live and visit.  I strive to make a completely unique handmade piece each time, whether that is done through design and texture or through the approach to glazing.  The balance between the design and construction, and the final glaze finish, is what I focus on mastering.  


Barb throwing on the pottery wheel with an audience of kiddos getting their hands dirty

Whether I am throwing on the wheel, or building at the table, I am happy to share with you what I have learned during my journey.  Pottery classes are offered to meet your schedule in a small group setting.  Please contact me and I would be pleased to find a time that works with your group of four or fewer.

Please see my classes page for class outline and pricing.

Come meet the pottery studio critters, Annie and Enzo, they will always make you feel welcome! 

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To check out the teaching and design studio, please contact me using the following to make an appointment

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